Rapid Miner provides state of the art big data analyzing software. For this project we started with a base theme and extended it to support WordPress Multisite and single sign-on.

We built a number of custom WooCommerce integrations to send information to Sales Force, and MailChimp, and to provide customers with a free product on their account upon registration.

SFNdesign built out a custom Vagrant box to make bringing new developers on to the project easy. It provides all the data and domain mapping needed to get the project running.

We also built out a full deployment process so that new code can be easily rolled out, and rolled back so that we can maintain maximum up time.

As Rapid Miner added more users (6k a month) we started to run in to scaling issues with the default WooCommerce setup and had to build in some extra optimization routines to keep the site lean and mean.

Posted by Curtis McHale

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